Mission Statement


Victory Community Development Society (VCDS) is a grassroots organization focused on community development and poverty alleviation in rural Ethiopia. VCDS is dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the communities of Ethiopia through the education of school aged children, provision of clean and safe water, sustainable living practices, primary health and sanitation.

Our mission is to raise awareness and financial support in Canada while working with the people of rural Ethiopia to better their lives.

VCDS ( 823047014 RR0001 )  is a registered charitable organization in Canada | click for more information.




To see the communities of Yerah & Woldia, Ethiopia being fully self sustainable economically, giving the children the care they deserve and empowering them to realize their dreams.


Our History


Victory Community Development Society (VCDS) was founded in 2003. Born as a response to a need witnessed by Mrs. Zerefa Biru, a Canadian of Ethiopian heritage who visited the remote mountain village of Yerah, Ethiopia and was struck by the need of the local community, particularly the elementary school aged children. This passion continued to burn following her return to Vancouver, BC and inspired her to establish VCDS as a means to do something. In concert with a group of friends she organized the collection and distribution of educational materials to the community of Yerah later that same year. This gifting of materials began a more formalized endeavor. Critical steps in the process included:

• In 2006 Mrs. Zerefa Biru and a group of Canadians from Metro Vancouver visited the village with generous gifts of clothing, school supplies and desks.

• In 2008 Mrs. Zerefa Biru again visited Yerah and distributed school supplies including backpacks and clothing.  VCDS began supporting children orphaned due to HIV/Aids in the community.

• In 2009 Mrs. Zerefa Biru along with Mrs. Bisrat Libsekal visited Yerah and the community of Sirinka to distribute donated text books and backpacks, and to visit with the children that VCDS was supporting. They also presented to the District School Authorities a large amount of text books for the Yerah Elementary and Sanka High Schools. Later that same year VCDS was formally registered as a charitable non-profit organization in Canada.

• In 2010 VCDS established full-time in-country representation with the relocation of Zerefa Biru and her husband, Issayas Kidane to Woldia, Ethiopia.

• In 2011 VCDS increased the number of children it supports by 15, bringing the total to 20 children.

• In 2012 VCDS doubled the total number of children receiving sponsorship for a total of 40 children.

• In 2013 VCDS  again increased the number of children receiving sponsorship for a total of 60 children.

But the story doesn’t end here. We at VCDS are committed to changing the future of the people of Yerah and the surrounding communities. Each year we expand our programming and outreach to impact the lives of these beautiful people.