Board of Directors

Victory Community Development Society (VCDS) is governed by a volunteer board of directors.


Photo: Victory Community Development Society board members.


In order of appearance, click on name to view a short biography for each of our board members.

Mr. Binega A. Markos, BSc, P.Eng, is an Eritrean-Canadian who is a Civil Engineer by profession and is a deeply committed board member of VCDS. He has been a board member since 2009. He is immensely dedicated to helping the orphans at VCDS get the opportunity they deserve. At his heart’s core is the vision to see them grow to their fullest God-given potential.
Mr. Alemayehu Woldtsadik, is an Ethiopian born Canadian residing in British Columbia. He is married and a father of four. He is a strong advocate for children having served in various organizations aimed at the holistic development of the child. His passion has led him to serve on the board of VCDS since 2009.
Mrs. Bisrat Libsekal, Diploma in Business Administration. She spent her early childhood/youth in Ethiopia (Wollo) near the communities of Yerah and Woldia. She is married and is a mother of two. Bisrat has been involved in organizing and participating in various fundraising activities for drought relief, orphan support and financial assistance to the elderly in various East African countries. As one of the founding Board Member of VCDS, she has visited the project sites numerous times and has witnessed the impact of its work.
Mrs. Selamawit Gebrehiwot, is an Eritrean born Canadian residing in British Columbia. She is married and a mother of five. With a heart for the orphaned, widowed and those in need of compassion, she and her husband have been long time supporters of VCDS, and a member of the board since 2016.
Mr. Yared Afework, BSc, is an Ethiopian born Canadian residing in British Columbia. He is married and a father of two. He is passionate about empowering children to reach their full potential. He has served as a board member since 2009.
Mr Nick Van Ravenstein a Canadian of Dutch Heritage, is a not-for-profit organizational specialist in the field of auditing. A board member since 2012, Nick has a heart for orphans and is passionate about supporting them to fulfill their potential. A strong advocate for kids and youth, Nick is involved in various not-for profit and non-governmental organizations around the world focusing on young people.