Getting ready to make the steep ascent up Yerah mountain.


Some walk others, and when legs are too weary there may be a mule to do the heavy lifting


Helen Balzer gifting the community with sporting equipment.


On the way up, taking a photo break


In-country representative, Zerefa Biru with Helen Balzer

20120508_Yerah_Helen_03.jpg 20120508_Yerah_Helen_06.jpg

Canadian Supporters Visit Yerah

To open Spring in Ethiopia, we had the pleasure of hosting several Canadian visitors to show them our projects and get to know the communities of Yerah and Woldia.

In May 2012, Zerefa Biru our VCDS in-country program was visited by several of our Canadian supporters, Pastor Helen Balzer, along with VCDS board member Bisrat Libsekal and her husband, Gebrehiwot Libsekal all of Surrey, British Columbia.

Pastor Helen was well received by the community and admired for climbing the steep mountain leading to Yerah like a local, in record time! The people were touched by her generosity, her willingness to visit from so far to see their circumstances first-hand and found her desire to be of help particularly moving.


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