Community Based Orphan Care & Sponsorship

VCDS works to provide sponsorship for local orphans and or children-at-risk. We work in conjunction with a local church to support orphans and their caregivers.  Sponsorship support includes a monthly allowance to provide basic provision for food, shelter, clothing, education, medical needs and life skills training. Working together with these caregivers, VCDS’s designated social worker makes regular home visits to ensure that caregivers, particularly the aged who need additional support are adequately able to administer the monthly funds assigned to meet the needs of the children. Our life skills training program made possible through the generous support of a local church, provides a drop-in program.  The children can spend time weekly to receive computer training, utilise library facilities and reading materials and participate in athletics, and workshops for knitting, weaving, debate, drama etc. In addition to the weekly program, children of the community are encouraged to join in the Saturday sessions which also include cultural and athletic events such as participating in regional sports days, fashion shows and other activities.