VCDS was founded in response to a need witnessed by two friends, who took action to change the lives of five orphans in Yerah, a remote mountain village in Northern Ethiopia.

 Mrs. Zerefa Biru. Whilst visiting Yerah, a remote mountain village in Northern Ethiopia  Zerefa observed the marginalized circumstances of the local community, and in particularly the elementary school aged children.  Following her return to Vancouver, BC she in concert with a group of friends, organized the first VCDS grassroots initiative—the collection and distribution of educational materials for Yerah later that same year. 

Mrs. Bisrat Libsekal, Diploma in Business Administration. She spent her early childhood/youth in Ethiopia (Wollo) near the communities of Yerah and Woldia. She is married and is a mother of two. Bisrat has been involved in organizing and participating in various fundraising activities for drought relief, orphan support and financial assistance to the elderly in various East African countries. As one of the founding Board Member of VCDS, she has visited the project sites numerous times and has witnessed the impact of its work.