Our First University Graduate!

VCDS celebrates Frehiwot Getahun, our 1st University Graduate from Haromaya University with a degree in Agriculture! Her story is an inspiring one. Frehiwot came to be a part of the VCDS family when her youngest sister entered our support program.  Prior to this, Frehiwot, who lived with her 3 sisters supported them by collecting and selling firewood.  A passionate learner, Frehiwot, was diligent in her studies, and succeeded in finishing high school despite the challenges to purse her dreams. Assisted by partial support from VCDS, she became our very first University Graduate!

It is our goal at VCDS to empower all our children to become productive members of their communities. To this end we continue to give partial support to those who continue their education to University, and give skills training for those who are not academically inclined to enable them to become employable.