Christmas 2017 in Woldia

In Woldia, this year Christmas was celebrated in a special way. The VCDS community was involved making the Christmas lunch as joyful as possible; they took the responsibility of shopping, cooking, arranging and decorating the outdoor venue. Fortunately, the presence of our beloved sister and mother etye Bisrat [Libsekal] at this Christmas lunch added much joy to our celebration. Ato Demele Amare was also invited on behalf of concerned governmental bureaus.  The kids read poetry, and put on a drama show, along with other celebratory activities.  Each child was excited at receiving a gift of a chicken and 10 eggs! In turn, the children presented a traditional Agelgel [a lunch pack similar to the Japanese Bento Box] as a gift to all the donors and supporters of VCDS. This gift is a token of their gratitude and appreciation and the children’s way of saying “Thank you for providing our daily meals.”