The Original Five | Making A Difference

VCDS began its orphan support and sponsorship program in 2008 through the diligence of a young man, Dubale Tsegaye, living in the remote mountain village of Yerah. The oldest brother to 4 siblings, he was forced to quit school to provide for his family due to the untimely death of both his father and mother. Their plight was made known to us through Yerah’s school principal who encouraged VCDS to extend its outreach to include orphans the likes of Dubale and his siblings. Through his diligence and creativity to multiply the funds that he was entrusted with to support his family, Dubale not only was able to provide for them but also started a small farming business. His siblings, with the support of VCDS, now live and attend school in the town of Woldia. He continues to live in Yerah, is married, a father and proud owner of a home and small farm.