Super Stoked for Sunday! A Few Things to Note…..

As we prepare and get ready for the race on Sunday, here’s a few important details to make note of.

We will meet at 8:15am at the Race Registration located in the parking lot of the Spani Outdoor Pool entrance to Mundi Park.  VCDS will have an additional table set up where we will ask you to check in as well.

So that we can identify we are running as a group, if you are able to wear green, yellow, red or black, it will draw attention to the cause.  MEC has been excellent to work with and they will be highlighting and giving attention to our cause.  Hopefully other runners will ask you about the organization and you will have opportunity to invite them to stop by our table.

Water and snacks will be provided by MEC as part of the cost of registration however, you may want to bring along some extra snacks and water if you feel you will need it.

If you can please bring along whatever sponsorship monies you have collected to date.  Many of us will need to do some follow up in collecting our sponsorship after the run.

At the end of the race, please plan on supporting the rest of the runners/walkers who will be coming in after you.  We have some prizes to give away at the end of the race.  One is a beautiful, hand woven blanket made by the guardians of the children VCDS supports.

PUB NIGHT!  Lindsay is running a Pub Night at Dublin Crossing this Thursday at 6:30pm to which she has invited friends and colleagues who would not otherwise participate in the run.  A number of the runners will be there as well.  If you would like to connect as runners prior to the race on Sunday, tickets are $25 each and include a burger, drink and dessert.  There will be a silent auction.  You can contact Lindsay at

Whew!  That was a lot of information.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bea, Helen or Lindsay directly!

Our HUGE thanks to you for your support and enthusiasm.  We are looking so forward to meeting everyone!