Happy September…it’s ‘Walk/Run’ month!

Thank you to all who have already gone online and registered for MEC’s Race 6.  Looks like we have 30 runners to date who are in training and preparing for the big day.  I was out with Jodi tonight and we (along with our trusty K9 patrol, Jacks and Beren) did our 10K’s around beautiful Tynehead Park.  Gorgeous blue skies and perfect running temperatures.   Perhaps some of you have a favourite trail that you like to run/walk and of course, we’d love to hear from you. Keep in mind that according to the race route there is one hill so be sure to do some hill training in preparation.  For those running 15K’s…account for meeting that hill three times.

I am encouraging myself as much as any of you to take your sponsorship sheets with you as you leave home.  You never know who you will run into along the way.  Hopefully we are talking about the run in the natural course of conversation with our friends and family.  With our smartphones so handy, it would be good to keep the website quickly accessible.

By now, if you are running the 15K option you should be running at least 10K’s and increasing gradually over the next four weeks.  For those who are opting for the 5K run, you will want to be running 3K’s and working your way gradually upwards.

Thank you for your dedication to help fuel the dream of building safe housing for those who are most vulnerable in society.


This is my boy, Baye.  At a very young age his parents died and he was sent to live with an uncle.  Baye fell sick and was dropped off at a community hospital where he was abandoned.  He had no one he could turn to and ended up finding a corner of the hospital that was uninhabited where he survived for some time until the staff found him.  VCDS has been a lifeline for him and provided what every child should not have to fight for.  Food, shelter and help with his education.  He has graduated from high school and has dreams of pursing further education in medicine.  Kids like Baye need safe housing and a safe community in order to fulfill those dreams.  This is the least I can do!  Thank you for helping give Baye a hand up….