One Week to Walk/Run

As most of you know I like to mitigate my ‘surprises’ so thought we should do a round or two of the actual course today.  It took us one round just to figure out that we were on the wrong path but the next two rounds were correctly quickly.  Don’t worry about getting lost.  These races are well marked and volunteers are usually there cheering you on and guiding you in the right direction.  It’s a fairly straightforward path however, there are not one but two hills.  However, if you have run the Tynehead park loop the biggest of the two hills is only about a third of that hill.  The first hill is about a km in and the second is about a km from the end.

Hope your training and sponsorships are going well.  Thank you so much for continuing to raise support and awareness for VCDS.  People have been so responsive when I have informed them of the cause attached with the run.

Remember to pull back on training towards Friday, eat well and be well rested for next Sunday.

Looking so forward to seeing you all at the starting line.